Office of Military Instruction


        The object of the Students military Training consists in inspiring the spirit of democracy, encouraging the students noble thoughts and feelings to be patriotic; also to solid the knowledge of their military affairs, to realize enclosing of the civil and military education, to grow the national overall combat effectiveness, to train up the common consensus of the life community, indulges the students in a young patriotic who is a civilian also military, and has both skill and virtue.

        Since the autumn of 1963, our school took effect of the education Military Affairs course following the government ordinance. The colleagues of Military Training were sent from the Military Training Bureau of the Education Department to school in serving us, theirs basically jobs are the following:

        1. To be in charge of teaching the Military Training course, which is serving as a base of a general knowledge training of the national defense;

        2. To help the training to carry out, serving to the students;

        3. To protect our school peacefully and students securities.

        The work of Military Training is a fragment of the education, also is the brave vanguard to solving problems and slow down hard-pressed, we hope we can let all colleagues in comprehending that the instructors are not only the teachers, the friends, also they are our companions through the description of this introduction, and you can use a good faith interaction, condense as a life community, linking our hear and hands, let's making a glorious foreground together.


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