Career Development and Placement Office


        The present division originally had student assistance in each college departments and offices. In 1979 was concentrated and removed to the public relation office. Until august 1982 when it was formally established as the employment assistance office, offering cordial and excellent service, assisting students to be graduate in the employment field, helping students in their professional schemes and plans, preparing students to keep a good association and relationship with the managers and owners. It also assists students to have a good understanding about the employment market and help them in their professional plans and careers.

The present division services:

        Collects private teach information, offers private teach opportunities, organization of the graduation ceremony, and memory book printing. Collects and offers part-time job information and employment opportunities. Searches for employment information to the one's next to be graduated. Follows the employment situation of graduated students. Editing and printing of the handbook "Society freshman". Organizes management employment requests at campus, offers speech about professional plans, careers and part time jobs in and out campus. Also offers employment counseling to the one's with physical and mental obstacles.


Location: SD405     舒德樓四樓
Telephone: (02)2905-2000  transfer to 3064
Fax: (02)2904-4750
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