The Introduction of Student Life Division


        The present division in accordance with the school purposes and goals, uses human care, and working spirit to offer an excellent service, assisting students in university accommodation, health care and security at campus. Also use rightful principles and moral education to cultivate self-governing and self-autonomy in the students, understanding the reality of fu jen youth.


        The present division attends and arranges important celebrations, offers student assistance in student data base and conduct record correction, study subsidy, scholarships, insurance, emergency assistance, nutritional education, fair leaving, military service, accommodation, electric words display, students handbook printing, monthly ticket, traffic security, parental care and class representation and also offers assistance to students with mental and physic obstacles.

        Please consult the student handbook or surf the net for more information related to this item.


Location: YP106     野聲樓一樓106
Telephone: (02)2905-2000 transfer to 2270
Fax: (02)2905-3163
Web site: