Division of Overseas Chinese Students


        With the purpose of serving and assisting overseas Chinese students. In the end of 1979 the Ministry of Education stipulated to establish the Overseas Chinese counseling, offering service and assistance to the Overseas Chinese Students. In the academic year of 1993 this was renamed as overseas and foreign students counseling, which is part of the office of students affairs and offers students assistance and moral education. The present division also assists Overseas Chinese students in their adaptation at campus, and correlated regulations understanding. Resolve each problem of the Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan to make them study peacefully and let them learn more about the integral education and culture of the Republic of China.

The present division affairs:

        Takes charge of all the procedures since the reception of the distribution list until the end of the four study years. The present division offers general services, such as: Accommodation arrangement, airport reception, check-in, registration, aliens residence card application, Taiwan residence card application, insurance, new students subsidiary training, welcome camp, school work assistance, scholarships, part time jobs, public expenses and members training. Also Organizes and supports different activities such as: double ten festival, spring festival, Chinese new year dinner, dragon boat festival, Moon festival, the winter solstice, Overseas Chinese Students anniversary, graduation camp and graduation ceremony.


Location: A112  耕 莘樓一樓112
Telephone: (02)2905-2000 transfer to 2291
Fax: (02)2906-1151

Web site: http://overseas.fju.edu.tw/