Office of Mainland & Overseas Chinese Students

    Our school upholds its mission of caring for Mainland and overseas Chinese students. The Office of Mainland & Overseas Chinese Students was officially established in 2013 to serve the needs of overseas Chinese and Mainland students studying in FJU.

    We strive to help students who come to Taiwan independently for their studies acclimatize to campus life as quickly as possible, by creating an environment of care and concern so students feel the warmth of a second home. On top of acting as a bridge between the school and overseas Chinese/Mainland students, we strive to educate students on the various regulations pertinent to Taiwan, from living in Taiwan to issues related to entry/exit from Taiwan, health insurance, career and education, work-study, scholarships, and so forth. Under the spirit of holistic education and the influence of Chinese culture, it is hoped that students can graduate from school with vigor, optimism, and responsibility in meeting challenges, and seize the opportunity to succeed and embark on a bright future.

Fr. Schoütte Building 4F

(02)2905-2000 ext. 2291、3125